Fit For Life Puppy Course


“A tired puppy is a good puppy!”

We’ve all heard that saying but how do you safely exercise your puppy while it is growing? Well, by enrolling in Fit For Life Puppy, the online fitness course designed specifically for puppies under 6 months of age! Get your pup ready for its future, whether as a competition, working, or active companion dog.

Fit For Life Puppy during these early months will help your puppy to:

  • be more physically coordinated earlier in life
  • have less risk of injury
  • have a healthier adult body, with fewer risks of orthopedic disease, obesity and more
  • be calmer in the house
  • learn more easily
  • remember better
  • have a longer life- and healthspan
  • and, best of all, have a stronger bond with you!

Fit For Life Puppy includes:

  • Four easy-to-follow monthly exercise schedules designed by a leading veterinary sports medicine specialist
  • Simple videos that can be played on any device for:
    • Balance exercises
    • Proprioception exercises
    • Stretching exercises
    • Good for the Soul exercises
  • A private Facebook group where you can interact directly with Chris, Gayle and other FFL puppy owners
  • Transcripts and audios for every video

Fit For Life Puppy sets your pup up for a lifetime of:

  • Good health and fitness!
  • Loving the games you play together!
  • Having you as your pup’s best partner!!

Please note that you will need several pieces of equipment for Fit For Life Puppy that are available online and/or your local home improvement store. Handy owners can also make their own with reasonable ease. You will use all of these items throughout your dog’s lifetime so are a good investment in your dog’s future.

This Fit For Life Puppy Program is included in all Fit For Life and Fit To Be Tied memberships.

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