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Feeding The Active Dog

One of the biggest challenges dog owners face is what to feed their dog, especially active dogs. It seems like more bad news about dog foods pops up every week…too much of this, too little of that. In this class, Gayle Watkins PhD and Chris Zink DVM PhD discusse the situation dog owners are in today and provided eight strategies to use to keep your active dog healthy, despite the challenges. This class also includes extensive resources.

Supplementing The Active Dog

After deciding on what dog foods to use, owners next need to determine appropriate nutritional supplements. Supplements can help or hinder performance, working and companion dogs. In this class, Gayle Watkins PhD and Chris Zink DVM PhD will help you make sense of nutritional supplements. What supplements make sense for your dog? Should you use whole foods or manufactured? What are some ways to figure out if supplements are good or a waste of money? This class comes with extensive resources, such as research studies.


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