Fit For Life (Annual)

$299.50 / year

Through this on-going membership program, you learn how to get and keep your dogs in top physical condition with world-renown canine sports medicine expert, Dr Chris Zink DVM PhD DACVP DACVSMR CCRT CVSMT CVA and AKC Breeder of the Year, Dr Gayle Watkins. Each month, you will have live Q&A calls, a new fitness assessment of your dog, a tailored exercise program, and practice videos that guide you while you continually update your dogs’ fitness. Fit for Life and Fit to Be Tied are the ONLY canine fitness programs designed, presented and monitored by a canine sports medicine specialist! You can look forward to engaging with Chris and Gayle through live, monthly video calls where they give personal, hands-on instruction and answer your questions directly. You can also share suggestions, successes and challenges with others on the private Avidog-Zink Ventures Facebook group.

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  • Do you have trouble fitting your dog’s fitness program into your busy schedule?
  • Do you struggle to keep your dog fit during bad weather like the summer heat or winter snow?
  • Are you working on your dog’s fitness but not seeing the results you expected?
  • Would you rather spend your money and classes then tons of fitness gear?
  • Do you wish figuring out a fitness program was simpler?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Fit For Life 3.0 is the canine lifestyle health and fitness program that combines live group coaching with one of the world’s leading canine sports medicine veterinarians, Dr Chris Zink, and step-by-step online training to give you all the tools you need to get and keep your dog healthy and fit.

Fit For Life enables you to:

  • fit your dog’s conditioning program in only 15-20 minutes three times a week
  • do your dog’s fitness training in or around your house, no matter the weather, with everyday items most folks have on hand
  • use simple but progressive fitness programs to improve your dog’s strength, flexibility, balance and proprioception
  • be confident that your dog is at its physical best
  • maximize your dog’s performance and motivation
  • catch and resolve your dog’s weaknesses and injuries before they become painful, costly problems


  • your dog can love the games you play together even more than it does now!
  • you can strengthen your bond with your dog in a way that you didn’t even know was possible
  • you can be your dog’s best partner!
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