Fit to Be Tied (Annual)

$299.50 / year

Presented By: Gayle Watkins PhD & Chris Zink DVM PhD
Audience: Owners of breeding dogs
Time: Ongoing

Fit to Be Tied is a health and fitness program for breeding dogs that combines group coaching and step-by-step online training that gives you all of the tools you need to get and keep your stud dog and brood bitch healthy, active and fit to breed.

Optimize your dog’s fitness to increase its flexibility, balance and strength thus improving its fertility, health, as well as contributing to its the health and longevity of its offspring.

Why Our Programs Are Better

  • Only fitness program designed by a veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist
  • Based on latest science and experience
  • Easy-to-Follow exercise instruction videos
  • Programs for all of your dogs
  • ALL your dogs can join for one price!
  • Step-by-Step exercise program progressions to get your dog fitter
  • Earn fitness titles for your dog

Membership Benefits

  • Personal coaching with Dr. Chris Zink & Dr. Gayle Watkins
  • Dozens of videos that show how to perform exercises
  • Free access to all online classes
  • Access to our live webinars
  • Access to private Facebook group to get your personal questions answered
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