Fit For Life (Monthly)

$29.95 / month

Fitness For ALL Dogs

Presented By: Gayle Watkins PhD & Chris Zink DVM PhD
Audience: Owners of active dogs, from 6 months on; rehab vets and specialists
Time: Ongoing

Fit For Life is a canine lifestyle health and fitness program that combines group coaching and step-by-step online training that gives you all of the tools you need to get and keep your dog healthy and active long-term.

Optimize your dog’s fitness to increase its flexibility, balance, and strength thus improving its health, performance, and speed as well as contributing to its healthspan.

Why Our Programs Are Better

  • Only fitness program designed by a veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist
  • Based on latest science and experience
  • Easy-to-Follow exercise instruction videos
  • Programs for all of your dogs
  • ALL your dogs can join for one price!
  • Step-by-Step exercise program progressions to get your dog fitter
  • Earn fitness titles for your dog

Membership Benefits

  • Personal coaching with Dr. Chris Zink & Dr. Gayle Watkins
  • Dozens of videos that show how to perform exercises
  • Free access to all online classes
  • Access to our live webinars
  • Access to private Facebook group to get your personal questions answered

In Fit For Life, you will discover the:

  • skills to teach your dog to maximize its performance and motivation
  • evaluation that ensures you can be confident that your dog is at its physical best while training and competing
  • program you can use to easily catch and resolve your dog’s weaknesses or injuries before they become painful, costly problems

So that:

  • Your dog can love the games you play together even more than it does now!
  • You can strengthen your bond with your dog in a way that you didn’t know was possible
  • You can be your dog’s best partner!!
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