Fit For Life Videos v2.0

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*** The 2019 Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) WINNER for best Video, DVD, or TV Broadcasts category ***

Improve your dog’s fitness, performance, speed and health! This USB flash drive contains all 32 exercise videos from the Fit For Life and Fit To Be Tied canine conditioning programs. The videos are divided into categories so that you can easily focus on improving your dog’s core, rear and/or front leg strength, as well as flexibility, balance, proprioception, and good-for-the-soul exercises.

This set of targeted, non-concussive, progressive exercises will enable you to safely and effectively get and maintain your dog in top physical condition, and in doing so improve general fitness and performance, reduce injuries, improve breeding success for breeding dogs, and increase longevity. These videos can be run on your computer or live-streamed on any device. They can stand alone but are best used as part of a Fit For Life or Fit To Be Tied membership.

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1 review for Fit For Life Videos v2.0

  1. Cheryl Cullion (verified owner)

    I am a veterinarian who is working on becoming certified in canine rehab. I found the exercises in the videos easy to follow, including how to coax your dog into doing them. I appreciated that the instructions were repeated using still photos and that there were several breeds used to demonstrate the exercises. You were also given the number of repetitions and sets to strive for. I also appreciated that most of the exercises did not involve a huge investment of equipment and substitute common house hold items were suggested. I do not think you have to be a professional of any kind for you and your dog to enjoy and benefit from these videos

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FAQs for FFL/FTBT Flash Drive

1. How many videos are on the Fit For Life™ flash drive?
There are 32 exercise videos on the flash drive. They are divided into categories of exercises as well as parts of the body that are targeted by the exercises. There are 22 strength training videos:

  • Ten that target the core
  • Six that target the front limbs
  • Six that target the rear limbs
  • Five balance and proprioception (body awareness) videos
  • Three flexibility (stretching) videos
  • Two Good-For-The-Soul videos

These are also listed on the inside cover of the flash drive case.

2. Can I watch the videos on my smart phone or tablet?
Absolutely. You can simply download the videos from the flash drive to your computer and then share them across your devices. That makes it really easy to review the videos while you are training your dog.

3. Should I just watch and train the videos in order?
These videos are presented by their type of exercise so rather than doing them in order, you should combine them in a training program, such as the Fit For Life™ or Fit To Be Tied™, which provides each of your dogs with an individualized program that focuses on your dog’s specific needs. Here are a few more tips to get you started:

  • Train your dog’s front legs, core and rear legs, but spend more time training the areas in which your dog is weakest.
  • If your dog is weaker on one side of the body, train that side more.
  • When training strength exercises, train your dog to overload. In other words, work your dog’s muscles hard enough that your dog works hard but ultimately fails to complete the very last part of the exercise. For example, if you are training an exercise for 3 sets of 15 seconds, you should make it hard enough that your dog fails to complete that last set of 15 seconds.
  • Never strength train the same part of your dog’s body two days in a row. This allows time for your dog’s muscles to recover and regenerate in response to the exercise.
  • Flexibility exercises should only be performed after your dog is warmed up, indicated by your dog open-mouthed breathing.
  • It is okay to train balance and flexibility and good-for-the-soul exercises as often as you wish.
  • If your dog is struggling with an exercise, consider the possibility that there might be a subclinical injury and a visit to the veterinarian might be in order.

4. All of this seems a bit overwhelming – there is so much to remember.


Fit dogs live longer, are healthier and happier. But if it feels overwhelming, join us in Fit For Life™ or Fit To Be Tied™, our online fitness programs, so that we can communicate on a continuing basis as you use the exercises to improve your dog’s health and longevity.

Here is how the programs work:

  • Once you sign up (and you can enroll all your dogs for a single, low price), you will be able to access videos that show you exactly how to assess your dog’s fitness. You then upload your dog’s assessment results to our online system and you are given an individualized fitness program that explains which exercises you should focus on initially for that individual dog. You also receive a PDF that you can print and post to record your progress with the exercises for that month.
  • Each month you will reassess your dog (it’s great to see how your dog is increasing in strength!), and will be provided with a new program containing new exercises to train, based on your dog’s individual progress.
  • Each exercise video has an accompanying PDF that explains how to progressively increase the difficulty of that specific exercise so that you can continue to improve your dog’s strength.
  • You also will be given access to a private Facebook group monitored by Chris Zink and Gayle Watkins where you can upload videos, request assistance and gain from the knowledge of hundreds of other Fit For Life™ or Fit To Be Tied™ members.
  • Every month you have the opportunity to ask Chris and Gayle specific questions during an hour-long video conference call.
  • In addition, there are monthly bonus features that provide new, evidence-based information on current topics of interest. As a member, you will have access to all of the previous bonuses including 1 ½ hour-long webinars on canine nutrition, supplementation, managing osteoarthritis, rehabilitation therapy and others.

5. What’s the difference between Fit For Life™ and Fit To Be Tied™?
The programs are identical except that Fit To Be Tied™ also has additional information and programs regarding fitness for breeding dogs, studs and bitches.

6. How much does the membership cost?
Both membership programs are a steal at just $29.95 a month or $299.95 a year (that’s 2 months free)! But even better, when you purchase the flash drive, you will receive a discount coupon reducing the price to $24.95 monthly or $249.50 annually. There is no other canine fitness program that is science-based and designed and monitored by a sports medicine specialist so you can be confident that you are providing your dog with the very best.