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The Importance of Healthy & Fit Puppies

As breeders and veterinarians, we know how important early fitness and health is to a pup’s lifetime happiness, health and longevity. So we’ve created these programs specifically for pups! No matter the breed or lifestyle, you can set your pup for a fun, healthy future by the things you do now.
Some people do too much with their pups but a lot of people do too little. We’ll help you find the sweet spot, where your pup gets the right amount of the right types of exercise.

We also have classes on selecting your pup’s food and nutritional supplements, as well as thinking long term about his/her longevity. The decisions you make today contribute directly to your pup’s future, so join us!

We are proud to have designed the first science-based fitness guidelines for puppies!

AZV Puppy Bundle

Essentials of house, crate, and fitness training for one low price!

AZV Puppy Bundle

Start Your Puppy Off Right with this package of essential puppy training programs, for house, crate, and fitness training!

Fitness Programs for Puppies

Fit For Life Puppy Course

Online fitness course designed specifically for puppies under 6 months of age!

Puppy Exercise Guidelines Book / eBook

Your guide to get your pup fit and tired 🙂 while keeping it safe

Puppy Exercise Guidelines Poster

Our science-based guidelines presented in poster form for vets, training centers and rehab specialists

Fitness Videos Flash Drive

32 exercise videos to build your puppy’s strength, balance, proprioception, and flexibility at home

Online Classes

Check out our webinars on important health and fitness topics

Puppy Nutrition & Preventive Care Classes

Feeding Your Dog

Presented By: Gayle Watkins PhD
Audience: All*
Available On Demand

All* = owners of dogs of all age, competitors, dog breeders, dog trainers, veterinarians, vet techs, rehab providers

Discover the 8 strategies you can use to improve your dog’s nutrition.

Nutritional Supplements

Presented By: Gayle Watkins PhD
Audience: All*
Available On Demand

All* = owners of dogs of all age, competitors, dog breeders, dog trainers, veterinarians, vet techs, rehab providers

Learn the 5 supplements to all dogs need.


Presented By: Gayle Watkins PhD
Audience: All*
Available On Demand

All* = owners of dogs of all age, competitors, dog breeders, dog trainers, veterinarians, vet techs, rehab providers

Ways we can help our dogs live longer, better lives.

Keeping Your Dog Cool

Presented By: Chris Zink DVM PhD DACVSMR
Audience: Competitors
Available On Demand

Tips, techniques, research and resources to keep your dog cool during the summer heat!


  • Feeding Your Dog – discover the 8 strategies you can use to improve your dog’s nutrition
  • Nutritional Supplements – learn the 5 supplements that all dogs need
  • Senior Dogs – create a care plan for your active dog to keep him active and happy
  • Longevity – ways we can help our dogs live longer, better lives
  • Keeping Your Dog Cool – tips, techniques, research and resources to keep your dog cool during the summer heat!

Books, Videos & More

Fit For Life Puppy Exercise Book

This 28-page, paperback book lays out the keys to getting and keeping your growing puppy fit from 3 weeks to 15 months of age.

Fit For Life Videos v2.0

This USB flash drive contains all 32 exercise videos from the Fit For Life and Fit To Be Tied canine conditioning programs.

Puppy Exercise Guideline Poster

This 18″ x 24″ poster displays the science-based, puppy exercise guidelines created by canine sports medicine veterinarian, Chris Zink DVM PhD DACVSMR and expert breeder, Gayle Watkins PhD, to take puppies from 3 weeks of age until their growth plates have closed.

Puppy Articles

Proprioception – How To Hone Your Dog’s Injury-Prevention System

Proprioception is like a body-wide stabilization system. It enables dogs to be active while preventing injuries. Learn how to fine-tune it!

Play Ball (Safely)

What is it about retrieving that makes many dogs (and owners) lose their minds, completely forgetting self-preservation and control? This blog tells you how to play retrieve games safely with your dog.

Stop Taking Your Dog For a Walk! (Try a Saunter Instead)

Pretty well everyone agrees that taking your dog for a walk is just about the best exercise your dog can get, right? Maybe… or maybe not.

Is Your Dog Hard Core? The Importance of Canine Core Musculature

During the past 4 years, hundreds of dedicated members of the Fit For Life™ canine health and fitness program have assessed their dogs’ front limb, rear limb and core muscle strength so that their dogs could be assigned individualized fitness program that would target each dog’s weakest muscles. We just examined the data from almost 400 dogs entering the program and learned that fully 62% of the dogs needed work on core musculature – far more than any other part of the body.

My Dog in Rehab Needs Stuff to Do!

Ok, your canine buddy is on the team’s injured/reserved list. It’s only temporary, but it’s driving you and your teammate nuts! Your dog’s brain is used to being active – running, playing, wrestling with his dog friends, and spending time training and competing with you in whatever games you play. That brain thrives on stimulation!

Lets’ Not (Static) Stretch…the Truth

Whether or not to stretch, and if so, how and for how long, is a huge controversy in human sports medicine. Since there are no published articles on the effects of either static or dynamic stretching in the dog, we rely on the literature about stretching in humans and apply those findings to dogs. As a result, the same controversy exists in the dog world.

Cold Nose, Warm Sense – Your Dog has a Newly Discovered Superpower!

Did you know that your dog has something in common with vampire bats, pit vipers and black fire beetles? What could that possibly be?

It all started when some scientists from Sweden and Hungary went into a bar….

Well, that might not be exactly true. I’m not sure where they were when they got together and asked the question, “Why is a dog’s nose moist and cold, when most other mammals’ noses are warm and dry?” No doubt this is a question that has also kept you awake many a night…

How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need?

There seem to be two approaches to exercising puppies by well-meaning owners. There are those who do too much too soon with their pups, doing concussive exercises often as early as 6 months of age. Then there are those who minimize their pups’ activity, almost wrapping them in cotton until their growth plates have closed. So what is the right balance of physical activity for your puppy? What kind of exercises should you do? Can you walk, jog or hike with your puppy?

Teacher’s Pet – How To Make Sure Your Training Doesn’t Go In One Ear And Out The Other

Have you ever parked outside a restaurant or concert, had an exciting few hours, and then walked outside to realize you have no idea where you left your car? Why can we easily recall our childhood street address but forget something we knew just a short time earlier?

How To Make Your Dog Live Longer – It’s Easy!

As my dog grows older, I often look at his greying face and hope I will have him for many more years. And when it becomes obvious that I will have to say goodbye to one of my dogs, I always wish that we could have just a few more days together. I’m sure you have felt...

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Flying Home With Your Puppy

The Scouts’ motto, “Be Prepared” holds true for being successful with most things in life. Knowing what to expect and how to handle what happens as you travel home with your puppy will help make your pup’s first trip with you the best experience possible.

Driving Home With Your Puppy

Making the trip home easier for you and your new puppy!

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