About AZV

Your dogs rely on you to keep them healthy!

In fact, they can’t do it without you! So AZV provides you with online training and education so you can be your dog’s best partner. Our comprehensive fitness and health programs provide you with the most current views on doing the best for your dog, no matter its age or breed.

We Are Dog People, Too.

All of our classes are taught by experts with a long-history and education in dogs.

Our Courses Are Up to Date.

Our faculty are also scientists so we are constantly on the hunt for new research that will help dog lovers do even better for their dogs. When we find it, we update our courses to bring you the best information, ideas, and suggestions for your dog!

When We Know Better, We Do Better.

We are great believers that dog owners want to do what is best for their dogs but sometimes life gets in the way. Our goal is to help you be that best partner to your dog with the resources you have available.

Chris Zink


I want to introduce you to my good friend, Chris Zink DVM PhD DACVP DACVSMR CCRT CVSMT CVA. Chris is a terrific veterinarian, in fact, she was the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Outstanding Woman Veterinarian of the Year in 2009! Wow!!

After practicing large-animal medicine right after graduation from vet school, Chris became a professor at Johns Hopkins medical school where she researched the immune system, viruses, and anti-viral therapies. She retired from Johns Hopkins in 2014 so she could focus on her real passion, dogs!

Gayle Watkins

Gayle Watkins PhD

As a longtime Golden Retriever owner, I had known of Gayle Watkins, PhD (Colonel, Retired) long before I met her. Gayle’s kennel name, Gaylan’s, appeared again and again in the names of some of the top agility, obedience, tracking, and rally competitors that were celebrated in our national breed magazine, the Golden Retriever News to which I had subscribed for years.

When it came time for me to get my next Golden Retriever, I knew that she would be one of the breeders I most wanted to interview. Upon inquiring, I was pretty impressed at the comprehensive application form she sent me, and even more impressed when she actually called my references. In my experience, references are rarely contacted in person, even for high-level career positions.