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With a Flick of the Wrist – All about Carpal Injuries

Presented By: Gayle Watkins PhD
Level: All experience levels
Date: June 29th, 2020
Time: 3pm EST

We will discuss the common carpal injuries, how to get them diagnosed, and how you can help prevent them from happening in the first place.

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It’s All On Your (Dog’s) Shoulders

Presented By: Chris Zink DVM PhD
Level: All experience levels

Discover important information about the most common shoulder injuries, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

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Is Your Dog Hard Core? The Importance of Canine Core Musculature

During the past four years, hundreds of dedicated members of the Fit For LifeTM canine health and fitness program have assessed their dogs’ front limb, rear limb, and core muscle strength in the process of obtaining an individualized fitness program that targets their...

My Dog in Rehab Needs Stuff to Do!

Ok, your canine buddy is on the team’s injured-reserve list. It’s only temporary, but it's driving you and your teammate nuts! Your dog’s brain is used to being active – running, playing, wrestling with his dog friends, and spending time training and competing with...

Lets’ Not (Static) Stretch…the Truth

Today, thanks to social isolation and YouTube, I watched a video of Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, performing a warm-up routine. A trainer took each of his legs and put the hip and knee joints into flexion for about 1 second. Then Usain Bolt did some...

Cold Nose, Warm Sense – Your Dog has a Newly Discovered Superpower!

Did you know that your dog has something in common with vampire bats, pit vipers and black fire beetles? What could that possibly be? It all started when some scientists from Sweden and Hungary went into a bar…. Well, that might not be exactly true. I’m not sure where...

How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need?

A Lot According to Our New Puppy Exercise Guidelines! There seem to be two approaches to exercising puppies by well-meaning owners. There are those who do too much too soon with their pups, starting repetitive, concussive exercises like weave poles much too soon. Then...

Teacher’s Pet – How To Make Sure Your Training Doesn’t Go In One Ear And Out The Other

Have you ever parked outside a restaurant or concert, had an exciting few hours, and then walked outside to realize you have no idea where you left your car? Why can we easily recall our childhood street address but forget something we knew just a short time earlier?...

How To Make Your Dog Live Longer – It’s Easy!

As my dog grows older, I often look at his greying face and hope I will have him for many more years. And when it becomes obvious that I will have to say goodbye to one of my dogs, I always wish that we could have just a few more days together. I’m sure you have felt...

Yawn… Your Dog Empathizes!

Picture this: you’re riding in a car with a friend and she yawns. A few seconds later, you yawn too, even though you’re not tired or bored. Your friend yawns again and this time you decide you are going to resist yawning. But you can feel the darn yawn building in...

Perfect Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect. IMPERFECT Practice Makes Perfect

Remember the first time you had to give a presentation in public? You probably wrote down what you wanted to say, then read it out loud over and over, repeating the words just as you wanted to say them in the presentation. It was really, really boring, and you were...

Do the Dew(claws)?

A dog using its dewclaws, preparing to “grip” the water. Photo by Tom FretzAs a veterinary sports medicine specialist, I work extensively with canine athletes, developing rehabilitation programs for injured dogs or dogs that required surgery due to performance-related...

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